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  1. Our oceans and our planet are polluted with plastic and rubbish, killing our environment much faster than we realise. We might not all be able to physically help tidy up, but we can contribute by driving less harmful cars.
  2. Volvo has this week unveiled it XC90 as one of the first autonomous drive-ready cars in the world and previews the type of autonomous base platform that will be available to consumers from early 2020s.
  3. The 2019 Killarney motor show at the home of motorsport in the Western Cape will take place on Sunday 27 October.
  4. Sales of electric cars have undermined fuel cell vehicles, although Japan's government has promoted hydrogen use.
  5. Mureza Auto Company, an African car brand registered in Zimbabwe and South Africa, will make its debut at Automechanika Johannesburg later this week.
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